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How It All Started...

It all started in the farmland of Illinois. A group of farmers and car mechanics had Bolivia on their minds.

Odell Kittelson and his wife Margaret had just returned to Newark IL from mission work in Bolivia. They told their friends about an agricultural need amongst the Bolivian farmers. Odell was concerned with the hard physical labor the Bolivian farmers were dealing with as they carried the bananas on their backs. He wanted to come up with a vehicle that would endure the Bolivian terrain and be an aid to the farmers in Bolivia.

They put their heads together and came up with the VAMTI, designed to pull, power and carry, it was built from a Volkswagen Beetle chassis with a rona-mounted 18hp engine and torque converter.

Odell’s mission board didn’t love the idea of Odell focusing on building VAMTI. They thought Odell could be making better use of his time and missionary funding.The mission board decided to not fund the project.

Odell and Margaret decided to start their own mission sending agency, and they called it Cup of Cold Water Ministries. They believed the focus should be on proclaiming AND DEMONSTRATING the gospel around the world. Especially to the poor and disadvantaged.

Twenty-eight VAMTI were shipped to Bolivia.

Through the VAMTI Odell was able to reach out to farmers who became disciples of Jesus. The VAMTI itself was not the most sustainable project however it was the necessary tool to open those doors, and it worked.

Today CCWM empowers, twenty -three missionaries around the world to GO! Our primary focus in the beginning, still remains today today to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Jesus among the poor and disadvantaged.

And the work continues.....

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